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The Ozark Food Producers Association (OFPA), founded in 1906, is a nonprofit organization to support food processors, suppliers and associated industries in the Ozark region and surrounding areas. OFPA works to:

  • Enhance and promote the food processing industry by providing the science, technical expertise, and programs that support member companies in assuring the safety, quality, and nutrition of products;
  • Provide a source of well-trained personnel by supporting research and education at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville;
  • Serve as a recognizable legislative voice to promote the objectives and concerns of the food processing industry; and
  • Arrange networking opportunities for members through Association meetings and activities.

Dear Past OFPA Participants,

I wanted update your company on the status of Ozark Food Processors Association (OFPA).  On October 18, 2018, the OFPA Board voted for the dissolution of OFPA. The decision for dissolution of OFPA was not made easily. OFPA has struggled for the last few years, mainly due to unforeseen economic impacts including the reduction in sustaining member companies as a result of large corporate mergers.  As Sustaining Members were lost, there was also a reduction in the other membership levels. The plan is to complete the dissolution by December 2019. 

OFPA, established in 1906, has had over 115 years of success and has been integrated into the history of the Food Science Department for the last 50 years. Through individual as well as collective contributions of its members, the OFPA has been a strong supporter of research and education programs at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. For decades, the OFPA annually awarded scholarships to students majoring in Food Science at the University of Arkansas. To date, the OFPA has awarded 520 scholarships in Food Science.  The OFPA has special funds for these scholarships, and the OFPA Board voted to donate the funds to the University of Arkansas Scholarship Foundation.

Listed below are the scholarship endowments OFPA will donate, and these scholarships will continue to be awarded to Food Science Department undergraduate students through the University of Arkansas Foundation.

Each of the scholarships will be an individual endowment with current amounts as follows: 

  • Ozark Food Processors Association                    Carolyn Q. Sharp Scholarship                                          $42,053.96
  • Ozark Food Processors Association                    Claude & Patty Todd Memorial Scholarship                       $35,196.34
  • Ozark Food Processors Association                    F & H Food Equipment Company Scholarship                    $35,223.33
  • Ozark Food Processors Association                    Jerry Dickson Scholarship                                                $23,954.16
  • Ozark Food Processors Association                    Justin R. Morris Scholarship                                             $33,471.85

I would like to strongly encourage scholarship donations to OFPA to increase each endowment so that higher amounts or more scholarships could be awarded.  A $25,000 endowment will typically generate enough interest to pay one $1,000 scholarship per year.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Donations can be made at the following website or mailed to the address listed below.

Dr. Renee Threlfall
Director of Operations and Industry Relations
Ozark Food Processor Association
2650 North Young Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72704
Phone: 479-575-4607, Fax: 479-575-2165



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